Each bait is carefully poured!
( It is all about a great custom bait in the right color.

Even a color that you alone use on the water- a secret bait.) 

These baits flatout catch fish.

The craws go great on jigs, or fished weightless or with a small weight texas rigged!



5.25" stick type stick bait

    4" "SUPER Craw

4" Shad paddle Tail Swim Bait

4" Finesse Worm

The 4"Paddle tail swim worm

Buzz frogs( ideal for buzzbait trailers)

4" Predator twist tail Grub

1.5" Scounger Baits

.75" Bone Mites( great for panfish!)

2.75 " Shad swim bait( great for NED rigging)

2" Thumper(Panfish Bait)

.75 inch Bedbug(panfish bait)

Panfish bait-Spiderbug!

3"Flicker Fluke! (great for NEDS)


Secret Weapon Baits is 100% US Veteran Owned. All baits are made by hand in Central Wisconsin.

With 28 years of Tournament fishing experience both local, regional and National, I am Familiar with all aspects of the fishing industry.

I have a  real understanding in what you might need given just about any circumstance.