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Each bait is carefully poured!
( It is all about a great custom bait in the right color.

Even a color that you alone use on the water- a secret bait.) 

These baits flatout catch fish.

The craws go great on jigs, or fished weightless or with a small weight texas rigged!


On the ordering page you can see the different colors of all the baits: 5.25 inch senko type bait, Raging Craw, and the 4 "SUPER Craw, the 4" Finesse Worm( 4 inch full round finesse bait! )  I have a Shad bait, and a paddle tail minnow swim bait!

If you would like to place an order or ask a question about a color you can email me at mtop234@yahoo.com .

Or stop by the great retail stores that carry our lineup to get your baits!

Or if you want to order by phone you can call between
9am and 7pm

715 571 5671

                    Raging Craw     Stick worm          Finesse Worm            Super Craw

  Swim Worm   Paddle Tail Shad     Fluke Shad           4 " Twist Tail Grub          

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